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Great Masters of the Oud - A tribute to Nasser Shamma (نصير شمة)

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Date de naissance: 1963 

From live recital
Naseer Shamma (Arabic: نصير شمه) is a renowned Iraqi musician and oud player.
He was born in 1963 in Kut, a city on the Tigris River. He began studying the oud at the age of 12 in Baghdad, following in the footsteps of Jamil and Munir Bashir. He received his diploma from the Baghdad Academy of Music in 1987. He began to teach oud after three years at the academy, as well as continuing his own studies. Shamma has composed music for films, plays and television.

0:00 : Baghdad Night

8:41 : Kurdish Story
17:24 : An Eastern Love Story
24:57 : Birds Love
30:14 : From Assyria to Seville
34:56 : Happened at Al-Amiriyya, 1
37:39 : Happened at Al-Amiriyya, 2
52:56 : Tender Breeze
01:00:36 : The Moon Fade

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